Monday, April 13, 2009

for someone that strives to write professionally...

...i do a pretty shitty job at keeping up with it.
for the last, oh i don't know, five days my little notebook has had only a few simple tasks that i've listed in order to feel like a productive person. sadly the only ones that have been fulfilled are 'adventureland at 5:10' and 'record rock of love bus.' i am not joking.

things like 'do taxes' and 'write a first draft of a new story' have been pushed to the wayside for things designed to suck the creativity out of my body. it's pretty impressive how little you can accomplish on a day to day basis.

the only thing worse that i could imagine is making a list of everything that i've accomplished since i came home in november. and the only thing worse than that is sharing that list on my blog.

here are just a few highlights from my last four months, and believe me i'm only taking the cream of the crop on this one.

-one week i worked at staples for 37 hours.

-i have watched probably 85% of the cavs games this season

-i took four ibuprofen in one swallow

-we found a beer in the snow at towner's woods

-i helped drink a frozen beer at towner's woods

-have played roughly 100 hours of halo 3

-vomited in the desert

-eaten a couple of oranges

so when you get it in writing, it really does make it all look better!